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meat puppets recording new record in hometown, Phoenix, AZ!

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good news for all the fans out there...the meat puppets are already back in the
studio making a new record in their home town of phoenix, AZ !!

With a few years of touring and working together the band is better than ever and
ready to put out a serious record.

even better news? Elmo Kirkwood, of Kirkwood-Dellinger, is one of the producers of
the album.

(if you haven't heard lead singer Curt Kirkwood son's band Kirkwood-Dellinger, I
suggest to go to their myspace and learn more about them....)

the record will have the same meat puppets sound inspired by the desert, but this
time it will be mixed with the strange and dark world of Elmo's mind making this new
record closer to the early meat puppets.

more coming soon........
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