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Madison, Wisconsin

Ears still ringing. All the rumours are true. It's not the well-oiled machine of Golden Lies-era Puppets, nor the approachable pop of volcano, nor the sensative introspection of curt's solo ventures. It's the endulgent, happenstance-as-art energy of the trio of old. Ted endulged Curt while Curt indulged himself, and Cris, like the soul of a hyper child trying to opperate an old man's weathered body, walking the fine line tweenst the two. Curt was overjoyed (all the stories are true - he was all smiles). Cris had an air of pride to him, especially during a rousing rendition of his own song "Station". And when he thanked the crowd after the initial set, and again after the encore, you got the feeling he really meant it.

The best tune of the night was "Look At The Rain" which embodied the sense of abandonment and gracious abundance of the the renuinion. "Snow" was electric in more ways than one. The jams were pure indulgence, sometimes just plane silliness with curt and cris both pounding atonally on their instruments like hippie drums. And the insturmental at the end of "Climb" played like and outer-space rock-n-roll lullabye.

the playlist is as follows:

Attacked By Monsters
Touchdown King
Up On The Sun
Look At The Rain (best song)
-Working On A Building (trad.)
-Whistling Song
-? (was this an extention of TWS, or was he whistling the melody from some other song?)
Severed Goddess Hand
Buckaroo Blues (marty robbins)
My Babys Gone (chris hillman)
Comin' Down
Oh, Me
Never To Be Found
Lake Of Fire

Sleepy Pee Pee (paul leary)
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