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Volcano in Seattle

(Sunset Tavern - 21Aug04)

Curt took the stage in what appeared to be his pajamas and nothin on his feet but a bandaide. He had short hair a bear gut. One concert goer commented that he looked a little like Ash from the movie Evil Dead, and I agreed.

They opened the show with "Oh, Me" and wove a handful of old Kirkwood favorites (including "Aurora Borealis" and "Never To Be Found") through a hearty collection of new tunes, which were all really good. On one tune, Bud took out this exotic-looking wooden flute and played; the same song featured an interesting instrumental sound collage that Curt made with one of his fun audio toys. Another featured generous whistling solos by Curt. My favorite was the lament, "It Doesn't Matter Anymore". They did a rocked out rendition of "Move A Little Closer" (a/k/a "Blown Away"). They ended the show with a heavy "Lake Of Fire".

I contest the claim that the new music (based on what I heard) is Up On The Sun-ish. I think it sounds more like Eyes Adrift, but more artful and intircate. There are certainly some bouncy moments, and the regge influences are quite apparent in some songs.

And as Curt played, he stared, as he does, over and past the crowd with his eyes, hard as stone. Solid.

"Thanks for listening to all these new songs," Curt said. "But they're actually not new at all. I've just stolen pieces from everything I listen to." No shame in that, Curt - all great artists steel.
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